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Casual Menu Ideas at @Cesa del Louf

Day 1

L – Mezze Manniche pasta w/ bacon and pecorino cheese.

Green mixed salad

D - Cheese pie and smoked speck (local cured meat).

Baked pork chops breaded with parmesan and thyme.

Sautéed spicy chicory. Mashed potatoes.

Day 2

L – Bigoli pasta w/ sausage and mushrooms

Radicchio, carrot, apple and walnut salad.

D - Purple cabbage and cheese flan, Pienza pecorino sauce.

- Meatloaf stuffed with omelette with herbs and finocchiona, garnished with beef jus .

Roasted potatoes and marjoram sautéed carrots.

Day 3

L Ricotta gnocchi with tomato and basil

spinach salad and roasted pepper julienne

D - Fresh cheese fondue vegetable puff pastry

- Guinea fowl stuffed with chestnuts and sausage

Sauteed mushrooms and crushed pumpkin with thyme.

Day 3

L - Game ragout tagliatelle.

Treviso radicchio seasoned with cicciole and apples.

D – Winter salad with mustard dressing and crispy bresaola.

Wild boar stew in sauce.

Mashed potatoes with rosemary.

Day 4

L – Pumping risotto with smoked ricotta cheese and black pepper.

- Salad steam broccoli, sautéed peppers and potatoes.

D – Orange flavored leek and potato soup.

- Stuffed eggplant with vegetable ragu on San Marzano sauce.

Day 5

L - Tagliatelle pasta with seafood ragu.

Tomatoes garlic oil and oregano.

D - fish balls nad yogurt garlic sauce

Stewed artichokes. Giudea Style with bel pepper sauce and burrata cheese.

Day 6

L - Bucatini with white ragu.

Sweet spinach.

D – Mountain cereals soup

-Parmigiana Trippe . With polenta

Day 7

L - Speghettoni alla carbonara – griccia – ecc ..

Fennel salad, live orange and olives.

D - Tonato veal carpaccio and caper flowers.

- Beef steak with potatoes, roasted onions and herb butter.

Day 8

L - Radicchio and red wine risotto, gorgonzola sauce

Bacon and Balsamic Cabbage Salad

D - Veal fillet tartare with truffle and marinated egg yolk.

- Stuffed quail wrapped in bacon on sautéed herbs and dark onions.

Day 9

L - Pumpkin and ricotta dumplings served with roasted ginger sauce

White radish salad.

- Oven stewed fennel au gratin

D – Chickpea, carrot and onion soup.

- Stewed cabbage and Chianti sausage

Simple menu idea based on fresh truffles to be ordered in advance.

Porcini souffle with black truffle sauce.

Butter and truffle tagliatelle and/or parmigiana risotto

Fried egg with truffles, side dishes of sautéed spinach


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