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Breakfast offering and specials @Cesadelouf

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Serving from 0730 to 930

Here are the main chooses of you breakfast, please feel free to ask Chef Anthony for any extra request.

room service Breakfast
Your special breakfast at Cesa del Louf served by The Italian Elixir

Fresh orange juice; Fresh fruits and berries

Fresh cow milk (or oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, according to guest's preferences);

Coffee, tea or cappuccino by choice;

Cake of the day or croissants, krapfen and assorted fresh pastry;

Assorted cereals;

Home made bread, toasts, jam, honey and butter.

Assorted yogurt (plain or fruity or Greek).

Boiled eggs, over easy or scramble available at any time on request.

Cheese and cold cut selection, bacon, smoked wild salmon.

Special of the day:

Monday Feb 14th

Pancakes specials served with maple syrup, bacon & berries.

Tuesday Feb 15th

Italian egg benedict (with sopressa and polenta).

Wednesday Feb 16th

Italian frittata with mushrooms and prosciutto.

Thursday Feb 17th

Egg white frittata with gorgonzola and spinaches.

Friday Feb 18th

French toast special with bacon & berries maple syrup.

Saturday Feb 19th

Egg Florentine (poached eggs) with salmon and spinaches.

Sunday Feb 20th

French omelet with ham and cheeses or vegetables.

Egg over easy or scramble or boiled will be available any time on request.


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